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No Man's Sky | Wiki

FANTASTIC source of NMS info!

No Man's Sky | Atlas Codex

A website for uploading discoveries to your official hub!

The Dark Matter Pirates Facebook

A Facebook Page for the Community

No Man's Sky | Galactic Atlas

The Official NMS Galactic Atlas Website

No Man's Sky | Coordinate Exchange

The NMS Coordinate Exchange Reddit Page

No Man's Sky | Black Hole Suns Project

A group of Explorers, whose mission is to map the Black Hole Routes through the Galaxies!

Radio Sidewinder

A player run Elite Dangerous Radio Station

The Dark Matter Pirates YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel

Our Discord Channel

A Discord Chat Channel For the CLAN.
Captain Kn1fe / Aug 06, 2019

I have found and established our Capital Planet and System for No Man's Sky. New Tortuga located in the DMP | Dark Matter Providence SystemLink to Coordinates belowPlease Join us in building our home world!Our Capital System Coordinates

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