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New Additions to the site

Captain Kn1fe / Oct 14, 2017
I wanted to let everyone know that our site, and clan are now multi-game compatible.
There are now 3 home sites, accessible from the status bar at the top of the site.
One for Elite Dangerous only, one to include a wide range of Loot, 1st person shooter, 3rd person
shooter and so on. As well as one strictly for any types of RPGS. This is to facilitate clan unity,
and growth into other genres.

If there are any games you would like added to either of the new home sites,
please feel free to let me know here or on PSN. I will do what I can to add
in a timely manner.

Also If you have friends you play other games with, please invite them to join.


Captain Kn1fe


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